Realtime Statistics (SLA KPIs)

We provide members with statistics on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): delay, delay variation (jitter) and frame loss.

To measure these KPI's AMS-IX makes use of Delay Measurement Messages provided by the ITU-T Y.1731 Ethernet OAM standard. Every switch in the network has a measurement probe attached to it which exchanges these messages over the platform in a separate VLAN. The measurement frames are sent out 10 times per second for delay and jitter measurements, and once per second for frame loss measurements. The values displayed here in real-time are actual values from a single measurement refreshed every 5 seconds (1 minute for frame loss). This gives an indication of the performance of the network, for the actual SLA reporting AMS-IX uses per-minute averages over each month, also excluding any announced maintenance.

Choose a switch from the left, to show the performance with the interconnecting ones.